movie. One has to step out of the arena of the mundane, which we see far too much of, and delve deep within, bringing to the surface something spectacular. Once the seed of the idea surfaces, then it’s a case of crafting and molding it to perfection. Architecture is art and should stem from the same source.” Chris Clayton, Head Designer and founder of Asetti. Asetti casts its net far and wide: from the exotic Far East, Middle East, and India to the classy scenes of London and the South of France to the “playground” coasts of California and Florida. If anyone is seeking the “wow” factor, a movie style super home, and appreciates the very best in modern architectural design, then the Asetti team are the guys to talk to. Their philosophical and spiritual nature allows them to create homes that exemplify quality and exudes a unique nature, a rare dynamic only possible through the imaginative gifts of Asetti. Conscious of the environment and lovers of the natural world, they are proponents of organic architecture and believe strongly in a natural flow to each design. Whenever possible, Asetti endeavors to utilize all modern forms of energy saving technology and create homes that are in harmony within themselves and the environment around them. “As creators of buildings, it is our duty to consider the environment. It makes perfect sense to work with nature, not fight it. I think my 15 years of designing in the Far East taught me a major aspect of Buddhist thinking, which is to avoid conflict. A design should be a product of its location. If one is receptive to nature and how it flows, a home can compliment it, rather than clash.” Chris Clayton, Head Designer and founder of Asetti. Chris continues to push the boundaries with a poetic grace that radiates throughout the designs. The Asetti Design Group is currently completing three projects in SE Asia and look forward to bringing more of their unique approach to luxury design to the USA.