The hot, new architectural and design company Asetti has quickly risen above the architectural norms and taken its seat as the King of the Super Home. As unique and eye-catching as a Bugatti, this fabulous new way to create space took the design industry by storm, starting with the launch of “Utopia”—a super-suave “James Bond” style home. In addition to being completed for the premier of the latest Bond movie Spectre, “Utopia” was also quickly featured in the special edition of Dolce Vita Diamond. Other spectacular designs soon followed this success, bringing Asetti Design Group worldwide recognition as pioneers of a new vogue of movie style homes that epitomize taste and refinement. Though originally founded by British designer Chris Clayton, it was not long before Asetti joined forces with legendary American architect Arthur Dyson, who came on board as senior architect and partner on projects in the USA. Arthur has a lifetime of experience, having trained under legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He has been awarded an incredible 200 architectural awards and has appeared in over 400 publications. Together, Chris and Arthur form the main core of the Asetti design team, which is internationally known for its superior architectural designs of super homes and premier luxury properties. Asetti continues to take luxury home design to even higher levels, creating a niche that is so far unsurpassed in its originality. “For me personally, each design is a unique opportunity to create something spectacular; a home that is not only a place for someone to live, but a work of art. It must be amazing, it must use all of my creative abilities and push myself, as lead designer, and the architect to our limits of imagination. I see it no differently than an artist painting a masterpiece, a poet writing a magnum opus, or a film maker producing a wonderful