Chris Clayton

Head of Design

Asetti is headed by international designer, Chris Clayton. He founded the Asetti luxury brand and has over 20 years experience in the architectural and design industry. Chris has worked in numerous countries over the years and supervised a multitude of architectural design projects. Originally from England, Chris has spent considerable time traveling internationally, helping clients with their design developments. Asetti carries out architectural design all over the world and welcomes new and exciting ventures.

Chris is recognised for his passion for unique super homes and high end luxury houses. He has featured in many international magazines including London's 'Art of Design Magazine' and London's luxury lifestyle magazine, 'Dolce Vita Diamond'. His designs have also featured in California's 'Fine Magazine' and he is has been referred to as one of the most unique home designers in the world today. He gained world wide recognition, when he launched his super home design 'Utopia', often referred to as The James Bond house. It was featured in London's luxury life style magazine 'Dolce Vita Diamond,' to coincide with the premier of The James Bond movie 'Spectre'.

Chris lives by his personal creed of 'my word is my bond' and considers each project, a unique opportunity to create a masterpiece for the client. It is through his imagination and ideas the Asetti brand was launched. He acts as Lead Designer and Head of Design on all architectural projects. If you would like to contact Chris directly, please contact him here, or via the web site contact us page..